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Australia's leading Visual Art & Design College

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Graphic Design Photography Visual Art Our History Our Values & Beliefs Our Facilities Subjects Game Art & Animation

Graphic Design Photography Visual Art Our History Our Values & Beliefs Our Facilities Subjects Game Art & Animation

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We know interviews can be stressful. Not to mention presenting your portfolio or body of work to a complete stranger for the first time. To assist with your interview preparation we have provided some information that will hopefully make the experience more enjoyable and rewarding for you. If you have any specific questions in advance of your interview please feel free to call LCAD direct on +613 9495 6622 or email


The following guide has been created to make your interview as rewarding as possible.

What to expect

As part of the LCAD application and enrolment process, prospective students are invited to see the college and discuss their study plans with the Course Coordinator. It is recommedned that the student bring with them a folio or examples of artwork, design or photography of their own. Students, unable to be in Melbourne will be interviewed via email. 

What is covered?

The interviewer might be interested in discussing with you your previous study, or experience, interests, hobbies, inspirations, dreams, ambitions, and creative work you might have done. They might talk about the nature of the course applied for and whether it will do what the student hopes to achieve. The discussion might also cover aspects of being a student at the college.

What should I prepare?

For students seeking course entry, we would like to see anything they may do creatively, even it is not in the field they wish to study in. It is sugested they bring a folio or examples of their own artwork, design, or photography. It is really good to have questions of their own that could be about the study they might expect, teaching, or anything else that might concern or interest them.

What should I talk about?

The one thing that you can guarantee is that the interviewer is going to ask you about your folio of work/artwork. While we are interested to hear about what you have done, we are equally interested to hear about why and how it was done. This could provide you with an opportunity to talk about influencers or inspirations, the methods and techniques you have used and what you might have learnt along the way.

What should I bring to the interview?

Prospective students will be required to bring their own artwork or artwork folio, their High School Certificate (or other higher award, Certificate IV or higher). If you have not completed Y12 or cannot find your High School Certificate you may be required to sit a language, literacy and numeracy CSPA test at an arranged time.

Can I ask questions?

Yes of course! We encourage you to ask questions and make the most of your interview experience. LCAD sees the time the student visits as a time they can interview the college!

What about international students?

If you are an international student not currently residing in Australia we will contact you and discuss your plans via email discussion.